Steve Kennedy Web Site
Into the great wide open, or rebel without a shoe?

Those of us who are artists can identify with someone who is amazing at their craft but much weaker at marketing themselves. The old adage about the cobbler's children remains true, and we are often caught running around barefoot!

Steve Kennedy work is done in the painting tradition known as "plein air" which is characterized by its ability to at capture the light of the outdoors in the spirit of Monet, Homer and van Gogh. There is nothing plain about Steve's work. If you have ever visited Cape Cod or the coast of north New England then be prepared to have your memories awakened.

Break out the Dramamine®, I can smell the salt air already!

Creative Contributions:
  • Art Direction
  • Joomla CMS customization, images, html, CSS
  • Styling and Photography
  • Created template for adding/editing portfolio  
  • Set up Paypal shopping cart