The Solid Edge Test Drive
How much fun can you really have with a scooter?

UGS Software wanted an engaging way to introduce prospective users to their Solid Edge 3D modeling software. They wanted an interactive tutorial and more. Combined with a 30-day trial of Solid Edge, the Solid Edge Test Drive allowed users to interact and edit a 3D model of a real-world product: the ever-popular Razor Scooter.

Using video and flash, the Solid Edge Test Drive was designed as an interactive "multimedia layer" which incorporated step-by-step tutorial instructions. The Test Drive could be used in a group training environment or individual setting.

Production Contributions:
  • Original Concept Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UX Flow & Design
  • Flash Animations
  • On-screen Tutorial Design
  • Green Screen Video
  • Video Direction
  • Voice Over Direction
  • After Effects Production
  • Video Editing/Compositing




Don't try this at home!

As an added value to the project, we provided the client with some gag material for their global sales training conference and had a little fun at the expense of the competition!

Competiton Mini-Video #1
Competiton Mini-Video #2
Competiton Mini-Video #3
Competiton Mini-Video Ending