Aptio Automation Experience
Great Space. Less Filling.

How do you help a client maximize space in their trade show booth while giving their attendees a hands on experience with their product? Enter the Aptio Automation Experience…

Siemens Healthcare wanted to make a memorable splash at the AACC tradeshow in Los Angeles to accompany the launch of their next-generation laboratory automation platform, Aptio™ Automation. The Aptio™ Automation Interactive Tour was displayed on multiple 40" touchscreens, alongside a working Aptio Automation track as a centerpiece of the Siemens Healthcare trade show booth.

The Aptio Automation Interactive Tour allows attendees at the Siemens booth to select a lab configuration—from a small specialty lab to a large university research lab. The user can then zoom into any portion of the lab's pre- and post-analytic capabilities, including bulk loading modules and automatic refrigerated storage. They can also view product specifications, details and demo videos showing connectivity to Siemens' portfolio of automation-ready analyzers.

Creative Contribution:
  • Original Concept
  • Interface Design
  • Features and UX Design
  • Custom Flash Animation
  • After Effects Compositing
  • Uphold Brand Guidelines